Girl 2 Lead is an empowering girls group where we offer weekly gatherings in a safe & welcoming environment. Sessions are offered in the evenings once a week which are either on- site or virtually and typically held on Saturdays. Such sessions are lead by the programs facilitators and or guest speakers. With a wide variety of sessions/ topics that are categorized by each particpants group that is appropriate for their age. Each young lady will have the opportunity to participate in Classes such as Etiquette, Peronal Hygiene/ Grooming, Self Confidence, Goal Setting Initiative, Health & Wellness, Entrepreneurship, Budgeting, Bullying, Peer pressure, Safety Measures, Book clubs, as well as a host of events and fundraisers. Most of our girl have been with us since they were the age of 5 and have now grown into teenagers. Some have even graduated high school and have now become counselors/  volunteers. Our girls and their families love our program so much that a lot of their younger siblings has joined the group.



Our mission is to empower, enrich and equip young girls by exposing them to positive life lessons and experiences. While developing personal growth and leadership skills that will enhance their ability to strive to become leaders of the future. It is our vision that each girl gain so much knowledge that they would be able to apply such leadership skills back into their own communities. 

Our Goal


Our goal is to mentor, encourage and uplift as many young ladies as possible to always believe in themselves. That they may have the ability to be all that they can be despite their circumstances and the environment that surrounds them.